Goddess in Gold: Ravena Hanniely’s Olympian Elegance

Meet this month’s cover star Ravena Hanniely / @ravenahanniely.jobs

Photographer Pedro Woch Rodrigues / @woprodutora

MUA Israel Fortuna Júnior / @jrfortunamakeup

PR Cacau Oliver / @cacauoliver 

Tell us when you found out you would be featured in the magazine. What was your initial reaction? I was in a state of ecstasy when I discovered I would be on the cover of the magazine. It was an indescribable joy! My initial reaction was one of complete emotion. A film of memories flashed before my eyes, and I was truly moved.

How did you feel when the magazine chose you as the muse of the Olympic Games? I felt incredibly honored and thrilled when I was chosen as the muse of the Olympic Games. It recognized my dedication, hard work, and passion for my career. The excitement and pride were overwhelming; it felt like a dream come true.

When you’re not working, what helps you decompress and relax? When I’m not working, what helps me relax is doing an excellent cardiovascular workout in the city park while listening to lectures from essential figures on social media. Taking care of my body while feeding my mind is very important. Being in nature allows me to have thoughts beyond my reality, and imagining the future becomes extremely relaxing.

What’s the strangest fan encounter you’ve ever had? I don’t consider it a “strange encounter” but a meeting of souls! I met a fan who said he consumed my content online. When I saw him in person, the chemistry was perfect! It felt like we had known each other for years! The conversation was great, the kiss was good, and the intimacy was perfect! At that moment, I realized it was an encounter and a reunion of souls. It seemed strange to me, but today, after almost three years, I understand it was a reunion of souls. Besides being my biggest fan, he is my greatest supporter of my projects.

What are some of your biggest dreams you hope to achieve? One of my biggest dreams is to work on television and participate in a reality show. I want to expose myself more broadly, showing the public who I am. I consider this opportunity a unique moment and an important milestone.

What’s the weirdest beauty tip or trick you’ve picked up? Once, I was in a hotel getting ready for a date. After shaving, my bikini line was utterly irritated. So, I decided to use a calming chamomile tea the hotel provided. I heated the tea bag and placed it in the area. The tea soothed my shaved skin, and I went to my date feeling more confident. It’s an excellent beauty trick.

If you were stranded on a deserted island with only one accessory, what would it be? Undoubtedly, it would be my pocket vibrator, as it always travels with me and is easily accessible. After all, it is my indispensable accessory.

What’s your go-to guilty pleasure snack? Chocolate pizza with cheese.

What is the absolute worst thing a man can do to completely put you off? A partner who does not understand and respect my independence and freedom to live my life can create distance between us. Being with someone who values and supports my choices, including financial matters, is important. Mutual support is essential for a healthy and harmonious relationship.

What advice would you give to aspiring models? My most valuable advice is to be a communicative and authentic woman. When you share your desires and dreams, you connect with the world. And by connecting with the world, you naturally find supporters. The path to success is full of failures, uncertainties, and achievements. You succeed when you are honest with yourself. Through honesty and communication, you will find people along the way to encourage and support your dreams. After all, no one walks alone; it’s impossible! Be a brave and determined woman, and the world will fall at your feet. This is my most valuable advice “follow your own heart’s advice because no one will be more loyal to you than yourself”.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, do you have any last words for our readers? I thank you, readers, for appreciating the work of playmates over the years. Today, I have the opportunity to be here and feel honored to be part of this edition. It is a way to communicate with the world! It’s my birthday month, and for 24 years, I’ve waited for this grand gift: to be on the cover of Playboy. The meaning of life is to fulfill all the desires we have in our hearts. Today, I feel a little more fulfilled as a woman and professional. It is a unique opportunity to be appreciated by your eyes. The sensual world enchants me and makes me confident. This has been my best birthday present so far. I hope to be memorable to you over the years. Thank you for your affection and appreciation. A little kiss from your favorite playmate, and see you next time.