Serenity Raine is Dripping in Sensuality

Meet this month’s cover star Serenity Raine / @Serenity_Rainexo_Official

Photographer Paul Liotta / @Paulliotta

PR company Ratnip Productions and @centerfoldstalentagency

We’re happy to have you feature on Playboy! Can you give us a bit of a background on your career as a model and where it all started? I started modeling five years ago for contortion and aerial arts photo sets which gave me an appreciation and understanding of the art I can create with my body. I began modeling professionally two years ago and have been featured in Playboy spreads, FHM top stars, Makeda magazine and more!

Having a full schedule must make it difficult for you to get much alone time, talk to us about the top 3 must-dos to ensure you fit in some well-deserved downtime. Every day I do something active for myself. This can be as much as a two-hour workout or as little as putting on my favorite playlist and dancing like nobody’s watching. Some sort of physical activity is crucial to serving my body and mind every day. I try to carve out time a day or two throughout the week when I can put my phone on “do not disturb” and play video games or watch a movie for a few hours. My final relaxation trick is a bath-bomb, a bubble bath, and a good book. I can relax in a warm bath until my fingers turn to prunes!

What does it mean for you to be seen as a strong, intelligent, ambitious woman? As a strong, intelligent, ambitious woman, I chose the things and people that serve me and my happiness. Life is too short to be held back by something that is serving your life’s greater purpose. These decisions can be painful and uncomfortable, but a strong woman can follow through with that choice, an intelligent woman trusts she is making the correct choice and an ambitious woman will continue to chase after her dreams, no matter what. I have grown to trust my judgment and make the uncomfortable, but necessary choices to make my dreams come true.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about what you do? The biggest misconception people have about what I do is that I will work for free. No one should be expected to do that. I make myself available through social media for marketing and reaching fans however there are many people who try to take advantage of that availability. My free time is very valuable so it’s a shame when fans don’t understand that and get upset that I can not entertain them in my spare time for free. As April Ludgate says in Parks and Recreation, “Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, pizza is knowledge.” If they’re not paying for my pizza, then they better let me watch Parks and Rec in peace.

What does freedom of self-expression mean to you? To me, there is a huge difference when someone is creating because they HAVE to vs. someone creating because they WANT to. The freedom of self-expression comes from the heart, it is when a creative WANTS to express their art. We all start the journey of self-expression because there is so much freedom behind it, but once that becomes monetized the passion tends to fizzle out and you’re no longer creating because you love to. This is something that happens to every creative, even myself. When I am producing a show I sometimes find myself hating the songs in my act after a while or frustrated with dancing. Whenever this happens I put on a song that is different from anything I’d perform to, I shut my eyes and I dance for myself. The freedom of self-expression is why any person pursues art, but that freedom is something that needs to be nourished and protected.

We absolutely love your Instagram, your content is very dynamic, inspirational, and downright sexy, could you perhaps tell us what your personal experience as an influencer has been like? My experience as an influencer has unfortunately been a little frustrating. I have had my account suspended and deleted over four times in the last year. Most social media platforms are not friendly to our industry and it can make it difficult to navigate as a content creator. However, I have never let this discourage me. I learn each time, develop more creative marketing strategies, and push forward!

Things that you can’t go a day without. Coffee, cuddling with my dog (which makes traveling so hard!) and laughter.

What about those crazy DMs you must receive? Care to share a few funny stories regarding those? At one point I actually created an entire Instagram page dedicated to crazy DMs. I would create a graphic that made it look like an inspirational quote and the juxtaposition of the graphic and the quote were always hysterical. One of my favorites that I dedicated a post to was a DM I had that read “I’d eat dog food out of that ass.” I of course never responded. Two years later I received another DM from the same man, “I’d eat dog food out of that ass.” It’s honestly a great opening line and I appreciate the dedication.

Now we’re sure you experience a lot of male attention on and offline, any advice you would like to give to men out there who are hoping to catch your eye the right way? Make me laugh. It is honestly that simple, of course, I want someone who is passionate, creative, and chasing their own goals and dreams. As a dreamer who works tirelessly to make their dreams a reality, there’s not much sexier than a man who is also chasing dreams of their own. However, at the end of the day, I am a silly, goofy person. I need someone who can “yes, and” my bits and make me laugh so hard I awkwardly snort. The best way to my heart is quick with a good sense of humor.

What is the absolute worst thing a man can do to completely put you off? When a man is self-absorbed it is a huge turn-off. I want to surround myself with people who have a desire to learn and grow as individuals. If a man already thinks he is all that and a box of vegan chocolates he is not going to be an enjoyable person to explore life with. The best and most interesting people on the planet don’t feel the need to talk about how great and interesting they are. Don’t ever forget that.

That said, what advice would you have to give to all women out there when it comes to love and relationships Never settle. It is better to be alone than in the wrong relationship. This is advice for every person, you deserve a partner that will give you the world and someone you want to give the world to. If you feel like you’re consistently dating people who aren’t matching what you want out of life, take some time and date yourself. Know your worth so strongly that no cute smile can persuade you otherwise.

Thank you so much for sitting down with us and letting us get to know you! Any last words for our readers out there? Never stop striving for greatness. Honor the things and relationships that serve you in life and be aware of what takes your peace. You are worthy and deserving of a happy successful life, sometimes you just change your perspective and surroundings to get there.