Playmate Shimmy LaRoux

Meet our September 2023 Playmate and cover star Shimmy LaRoux / @playmate_shmmylaroux.

Such an absolute honor to have you! Thank you so much! I am honored to be included as part of such a prestigious legacy.

How do you like to begin your day? I like to start my day with a few affirmations and a bit of stretching (it’s important to get your mind and body aligned right off the bat). Then it’s a cup of coffee, a snack, and sitting at my computer to get started on work.

What’s the most exciting hobby or interest you’ve pursued recently, and how did you get into it? I’ve started making my own bitters! I’m obsessed with cooking, mixology, and the process of making things. I feel like a mad scientist cooking things up in my lab!

If you could spend a day doing anything you wanted, what would your ideal day look like? I would be completely unplugged somewhere on a beach. The morning would start with sleeping in, then a long walk on the beach. Lunch would be simple, then back to a covered part of the beach for a midday nap. Dinner would be with good company next to crashing waves, then turning in early.

What’s a project or goal you’re currently working on that you’re really excited about? I’m working on revamping my consulting business so I can help more people in the transitioning

stage of their careers. I’m also excited to slow down overall and be more intentional in my life.

What’s the most memorable date you’ve ever been on, and what made it stand out? I went on a date a few years ago where a guy took me to a circus-themed bar and tried to teach me how to knit. It wasn’t great, but I will give him some credit for listening to me and trying to be helpful (even if he didn’t read the room).

Are there any qualities or traits you find particularly attractive in a partner? What do you value the most? I find intentionality incredibly attractive. You need to be clear about your intentions – what you’re looking for and why. I date with purpose, and I expect you to do the same. I also find being kind and open-hearted wildly attractive. That doesn’t mean soft, but it does mean deeply caring for others and having a positive impact on your community. What I value the most in a partner is if we would be friends if we weren’t dating. It’s so important actually to like the person you are dating and not use them as an ego boost or trophy.

Who has been your biggest inspiration or role model in your personal or professional life? I don’t really have one! I gain inspiration from the world around me, so seeing anyone who is working to make themselves, their community, and their world a better place is an inspiration!

What do you enjoy most about your hobbies or interests outside of work? It’s a chance to dig into the details of something I don’t have to validate to anyone else. I get to not be “on” and can have fun.

How do you find a balance between your personal life and your career? I have amazing friends who will help keep me in balance. I also know I can be a workaholic, so I schedule time not to do anything. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s so helpful!

How do you stay motivated and overcome challenges in your work? By focusing on the end goal and what my life will look like once I achieve what I want.

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? I’m on all the social media platforms but am most active on Instagram at @playmate_shmmylaroux.