Living Her Dream

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Tell us about your day to day as a model, do you have a routine? I always try to keep a routine, but my life is super dynamic. I travel at least once a month for work, I train about 4 times a week, in addition to the daily content I record for partner networks, I also have specific days weekly for recordings focused on OnlyFans and privacy. And I can’t leave out my general aesthetic care, the special attention I give my feet at the salon every week because my subscribers love it.

How do you like to start your day? I like to start my day training. Going to the gym early in the morning improves my mood, and then drinking my holy espresso.

What are your biggest dreams? My dream has always been to travel the world getting to know other countries, cultures, cuisines, music and customs. And I am very happy that today is more of a “goal” than a dream, which I have already started to achieve.

What helps you relax? I really like to read, watch series and movies. In addition to cooking, which has always been a great passion.

Who’s the most influential person in your life and why? My main advisor, who has been with me since the beginning, has always advised me professionally in everything and also in my personal life.

How romantic are you? To be honest, I never stopped to reflect on this, I only had two relationships and both were not romantic. But I believe that living romanticism would be reciprocal.

What was the most memorable date you’ve ever been? One of the most memorable dates was when I went out with my boss as “friends” right on Valentine’s Day, he created expectations and nothing happened because it really wasn’t my intention even though it was Valentine’s Day. The funny thing is that later on we actually got together for a few months and that story became a joke between the two of us.

 What was the biggest lesson of your worst breakup? The biggest lesson was learning to respect my time and not let the opinions and expectations of others interfere with what I believe.

 Would you rather be loved, respected or admired? Definitely to be respected. Because respect is the foundation of everything. Whether in a relationship, friendship or between the family.

Are you a city traveler or nature explorer? Despite having come from the countryside, which didn’t even have 6,000 inhabitants, today I’m pretty eclectic. So there are times when I prefer nature, camping, trails and waterfalls more. But I still love traveling, refined hotels, typical restaurants, ballads and so on. I like both “worlds”.

 What is your travel list? The places you most want to go? Until recently, I only visited Argentina because I didn’t have a passport. But now that I did, I was lost on where to start, after all, I want to see the whole world. Whether culinary, history, architecture, in short, all places call my attention. But I decided to start with Denmark. Even because it has been part of a very

important milestone for me. I’m going there in July and I’m super excited! Then I think about Dubai and the next ones I’m still deciding. My life is very dynamic and I’m not much into programming, I’m kind of living for today and acting within the current will in this regard.

Where can our readers learn more about you and stay up to date with your work? About me, my main network is my official Instagram @kerolay_chaves, there I show up EVERY day, I do lives, polls, I answer everyone on dm, anyway, for those who really want to know me in full, just follow me there. I have other networks as well and I appear on them almost every day as well. I’ll list them here: OnlyFans: @white_fairy. Twitter: @eukerolaychaves. TikTok: @kerolay_chaves1. Facebook: Kerolay Chaves.