Photo: Chris Martin

Janeisha John / @janeisha_missvi

Creative Director Aria Garcia | @Fashionsinstorage 

CDA Charles Calzada | @bumbtomybeat 

Photography Chris Martin | @bychrismartin 

Makeup Nikko Anthony | @nikko.anthony 

Designer Aria Garcia | @AREGA_US 

Designer Jamal Drummond I @ahmadz_fashion

Jewelry Aria Garcia | @AREGA_US

Production Edgar | @edgarmartin__

Janeisha, such an absolute honor to have you on Playboy! Any exciting projects to look out for from you this year? Thank you it’s an honor to be able to step outside of my comfort zone and grace the cover of Playboy! This year is all about taking risks and showing the world who Janeisha John really is. From hosting and producing more shows on the Zeus Network to showing more of my entrepreneurial “boss babe” side. There’s a lot in store and I can’t wait to show the world!!

You’re a highly motivated beautiful black woman, what keeps you at the top of your game? Thank you! I appreciate the compliment. I honestly think that my family, culture and community keep me at the top of the game. I have so much in my heart to accomplish for my home, the US Virgin Islands, so that and the motivation from family and friends always keep me going and wanting to accomplish MORE!

You wear many hats, model, actress, hostess and producer! Which do you enjoy doing the most? I honestly love them all!! Earlier on in my career, I struggled with the idea that I had to focus more on ONE and not do/be everything, but I love wearing multiple hats well and thriving in a multitude of areas. It has helped me to grow as a creative, overall. I am, however, very excited to be in my entrepreneurial bag this year as I will be launching my own swim line and a few other endeavors.

What are some of the biggest dreams you hope to achieve? My biggest dream is to build and leave a legacy for my family, and my name. I’m in the process of creating a foundation that will aim to provide resources and knowledge to young people, especially in the Caribbean, who have dreams and aspirations within the entertainment industry. The hope is to forever inspire others through that legacy.

What helps you decompress and relax? On a day to day, yoga, tea and meditation is key to helping me relax. I love to wake up in the morning and designate “me” time. I prep tea, read a quote and then I meditate and do some yoga. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes. However, when I need a major “reset” I typically come home to St. Croix, USVI to relax on the beach and spend time with my family. It helps me to get centered and reminds me of why I’m doing what I do in the entertainment industry.

Who has been the most influential person in your life and why? My family (Mom Liz, Dad Josephat, siblings Janella, Jojo, Jermaine) have always had the most influence in my life. They are the core of my tribe and are the most loyal, loving and honest people I know. My life partner, Lemuel Plummer (CEO/Founder of Zeus Network) also inspires me tremendously. He has poured into my life in a way I’ve never experienced before. Has taught me so much about this industry and always supports my dreams while maintaining honesty and a loving, giving spirit. I’m blessed to have him in my life.

Let’s talk romance, how high on the priority list are love and romance for you? LOVE is everything. So I prioritize it daily. However, I think to maintain a healthy, exciting relationship you have to prioritize both love and romance. Sometimes work/ career can interfere with that but making time to keep a sexy/steamy romance alive is necessary! Once you do that, the love and loyalty come naturally!

What is the most memorable date you’ve ever had? My most memorable date was my first trip overseas to Santorini, Greece. We spent the day on a boat together. Got to swim in the Mediterranean Sea and had a magical sunset sail. The sky looked like we were in another world. It was so romantic and calming. Truly magical!

Would you rather be loved, respected, or admired? I’d rather be respected hands down. All are very important, but I think once someone truly respects you, the admiration and love come naturally. Whereas you can admire and love someone but not necessarily respect them. So, I’d choose respect every time.

Being originally from the Virgin Islands are you a city traveler or nature explorer? Being an island woman, I’m definitely more drawn to adventure, so I’d have to say nature explorer! I LOVE being outdoors! I’m definitely that girl that goes hiking, scuba diving, I’ve crawled into caves, jumped out of a plane, you name it!! We even executed one of our shots for this magazine in the pitch-dark rainforest, in the middle of a waterfall, on St. Croix at night. It was EPIC and an adventure.

How do you feel about shooting this project in your hometown? Shooting this project back home on St. Croix, USVI, honesty was the most iconic piece of this project. It made this project feel like HOME. From the intricacy of the pieces, and how symbolic they are to our culture, to the island being where the creativity and artistic love/ passion for fashion and entertainment was birthed, for both Creative Director/ Genius, Aria Garcia, and myself. It truly was a full-circle moment for us and I couldn’t imagine doing this shoot anywhere else in the world. We created magic with an incredible team in my favorite place on earth! Talk about ICONIC!

What’s on your travel bucket list? Well, No specific bucket list items really, I’ve experienced quite a few adventures in my lifetime, but I’m always down for a new adventure with good vibes, and great people, and would love to visit different countries in Africa, Asia, and in South America.

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? Follow me on IG at @janeisha_missvi and Janeisha John on all other platforms! This was fun. Until next time, Thank you PB!! 

A special thank you to this incredible dream team!!

Janeisha John / @janeisha_missvi

Creative Director Aria Garcia | @Fashionsinstorage

CDA Charles Calzada | @bumptomybeat

Production Edgar | @edgarmartin__

Hair Daphne JeanMarie | @Hairplusstx

Makeup Nikko Anthony | @nikko.anthony

Set MNGR Trevor Julien | @mrtrevorjulien

Photography Chris Martin | @bychrismartin

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