Expressing Her Freedom

with Jessica Ramirez / @jessiloverv

Tang @glamour_by_ines 

Makeup @rachie_mua

Hair color & extensions @sarahjadehair

Creative director @mannos_anna 

Outfit @monfurs 

Photography by @richardarthurphoto

Jessica, we’re happy to have on the cover of Playboy, can you give us a bit of a background on your career as a model and where it all started? When I was young in Colombia my mum would take me to competitions semi pageants, I guess, I enjoyed the competitive side of it and that developed further when I moved to Spain in my late teens, but it wasn’t until I was around 22 that I began to take it seriously.

What exciting things do have lined up as we inch closer to the year’s end? In the coming months, and with help from my website designer, I’ll be launching my personal website where I’m hoping to promote a few things I have learned along my journey so far like dietary information and fitness advice. I already have my clothing brand at the aspid store on Instagram but was hoping to get into a bit more of a personal interaction with people. It has been a big help to me that I have learned from other girls online and really enjoy all things fitness and sportswear.

what does it mean for you to be seen as a strong, intelligent, ambitious woman? It doesn’t worry me all that much about how I’m seen or perceived but more about how I see myself. Freedom of expression is huge for me, and I hope that through the things I do in my life and my interactions with others that other woman can see their best self. Creating a positive reality and having a deep belief and focus in your own goals requires a lot of hard work, life is, without doubt, a roller-coaster for all of us tomorrow is never far away and one foot will always follow the other so move with purpose.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about what you do? I guess maybe just the amount of time and work that goes into something like a photoshoot and not just this one but your own ones that you do and organize. Most people only see the end result a couple of pictures while they flick or click, but what isn’t seen are the hours of preparation in hair and make-up, traveling, networking, picking and choosing photos as well as the editing and not to mention the training.

We absolutely love your Instagram, your content is very dynamic, inspirational, and downright sexy, could you perhaps tell us what your personal experience as an influencer has been like? fun. I love to travel and am quite social so to document all my experiences along the journey for myself and with others is great and so enjoyable to look back on.

What are some of your biggest passions? Travel, food, training, and sex, and in that order… maybe.

Speaking of passions, is sex important in a relationship for you? Yes, I would say, more so early on in the relationship for me, we Latinos are very passionate and fiery. it’s important for me that the initial physical bond is strong.

3 things that you can’t go a day without. Macadamia nuts, meditation, and training. In that order

Now we’re sure you experience a lot of male attention on and offline, any advice you would like to give to men out there who are hoping to catch your eye the right way? Manners are big especially online. In day-to-day life out in the real world, a man who keeps his body and mind active and under control gets a big tick. So, see you at the gym or group meditation boys. Wink. 

What is the absolute worst thing a man can do to completely put you off? Someone who is rude or someone who picks their nose, haha, terrible.

That said, what advice would you have to give to all women out there when it comes to love and relationships? I guess just that your relationship and love compliment each other and not just verbally of course but one another’s traits, characteristics, and flaws are in balance. To empower another empowers both.

Where can our readers catch up with your work? @jessiloverv and the websites that I mentioned earlier.

Thank you so much for sitting down with us and letting us get to know you! Any last words for our readers out there? OM MANI PADME HUM.