Self-made Success

with Corrie Yee / @corrieyee

Photography by Steve Bitanga / @stevebitanga 

PR by LA Media Group / @la.mediagroup 

Corrie Yee is an American model, jet setter, and businesswoman. She is a self-made businesswoman who grew up in a small town in New Mexico. She has modeled for some of the fashion industry’s top brands and has been on the cover of many exclusive magazines.

Such an absolute honor to have you on Playboy! What exciting ventures have you been up to lately? What gets you excited the most? I recently started my own modeling agency – it’s called Fierce Talent, so I’m super excited about that, and I just returned from a trip to France and Spain with my mother and my sister. Those are some of my most recent ventures. What gets me the most excited – I love seeing people happy and reaching their goals. I love success and I like helping others. That’s one of the things I enjoy the most about my new agency – I’m mentoring girls and helping them achieve their dreams in this industry, and I’m providing them with a safe environment to work in. It’s exciting.

What does a day spent in the life of Corrie entail? My days are insanely busy and so much depends on if I am traveling or not. If I am traveling, a typical day would mean enjoying some spa time. I always plan a shoot on my trips, so there are very few days when I’m not in front of a camera. I love fine dining and great food, so I’d be sure to find out about the best restaurants. When I travel, I like experiencing the culture, so my day would have some excursions, and in the evening, I’d enjoy dinner and drinks. When I’m at home, my day usually begins at the gym, then I’m either getting ready for a shoot or I’m working on my business – answering emails, returning calls, booking events, and checking in with my staff. In the evening, I like dining out and enjoying drinks with friends at a club or a private party.

Share with us some of the industry secrets to success as a glamorous model? Industry secrets… hmmm… I don’t think there are any secrets. Modeling is a competitive industry – there are lots of girls. The ones who make it are hardworking and tough. You have to be tough because there is a lot of rejection and criticism, and you can’t be someone who is easily hurt by unflattering comments. You have to be willing to work hard and get up early for that morning sunrise shoot where you will be in a bikini and possibly sitting on a rock in the cold sea or you do a sunset shoot in the snow wearing only lingerie, or a shoot that requires you to sit in a tree that’s infested with ants, or you have to crawl over rocks to get to a certain spot because the setting and lighting are perfect right now. It’s a demanding field that requires your time, determination, and commitment.

Where are we most likely to find you if not in front of the camera and being glamorous? If I’m not working, then I’m either resting or playing, and if I’m playing, that means I am doing any number of things – traveling, yachting, skiing, sky diving, hiking, enjoying some spa time, or hanging out with friends or family.

Let’s talk men, does size matter? Size absolutely matters. For most women, I don’t think size matters, but that isn’t the case for me. I like a little bigger than average, and the average is 6 inches.

What things can a man do to sweep you off your feet? Confidence is very sexy. I like men who know what they want and go after it. I also like men who are gentleman – classy, educated, and caring about others.

What attracts you the most to a man? Confidence attracts me the most. I like alpha males.

In the bedroom, what are some of your hard limits? I enjoy sex, and I have a bit of a wild side. I’m down for a threesome with one man and another woman, but a hard limit for me would be a threesome with two men. That would be a definite no.

What is the right way to approach you as an admirer? The right way to approach me is by just being polite and friendly. I like anyone who practices etiquette and has good manners. Catcalling is a huge turn-off for me.

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? On my social media.

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? I like positivity, so stay positive, think happy thoughts and stay in the present moment. Life is short. Don’t dream your life away, make your dreams happen and help others along the way.