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with Stacey Saran

Could you tell us something surprising about you? I do a lot for charity which this includes hosting tea parties for lonely elderly people. I think we should all be aware people can be lonely, small things as simple as to pop your head in even just to say hello or to see if you can collect something from shops for them can go a very long way for the elderly in our communities.

Where you excited shoot for Playboy? Yes! It’s not my first time but I always enjoy these shoots. Photographers and make-up artists are very sweet and professional so it’s always such a fun day!

What inspires you? Many things, kind people, brave people, people who have the ability to put others first. Kindness makes the world go round.

What got you into the modelling industry? I’m not altogether sure I suppose I just fell into it and have had lots of adventures and so much fun along the way, so I’m very happy I did it and have no regrets.

Who do you look up to in the industry? I don’t look up to individuals, more women as a whole who have done the job the right way, who have uplifted other models and encouraged self-love hopefully bringing confidence to new models.

What are your hobbies? I’m a hard worker and spend lots of time on exciting shoots like this one and for my other platforms so unfortunately I don’t have much time for hobbies. I do boxing and love to travel. I’m also very into property if that counts as one.

What is on your bucket list? Skydiving was one which I have now done! I enjoyed it as I have an adventurous spirit. I’d love to swim with dolphins, but it must be in the wild as I don’t like caged animals. This I’ve not done yet but hope too so much. Lastly to see elephants in the wild. I did this and it was the most magical experience as they are so sweet.

Turn-ons. A guy who just knows to hold you, kiss you and is confident and can just be himself and let you be yourself. Having beautiful connections is so important to me. Someone who can see the best in you but embrace all of you.

Turnoffs. Controlling overly dominant men who suppress your light.

What is your mantra? Big question! I believe in light, love and peace. One of the things that’s always stuck with me is “he who seeks revenge should dig two graves”. I think the best gift you can give yourself is letting toxic people go with love and light but close the door behind them. You’re not responsible for the happiness of another person, just be kind.


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