Taste of Ecstasy

Melanie San Roman – @melaniesanroman

Photographer: Matthew Lusk – @luskphotos

Pr: LSA Publications – @leo.alderman – @lsapublications

A gorgeous mix of Mexican and Irish, this exotic beauty resides in Dallas, Texas. Where she works as a brand model and is a professional bikini competitor. It’s true what they say: everything’s bigger in Texas, with her hourglass figure and big brown locks, Melanie is sure to turn every head in the room. Melanie is a huge health, fitness, and fashion junkie. She tries to  incorporate this positive energy throughout every aspect of her life.

 “I try to send out a positive message, especially on social media. I don’t just want to be another stereotypical hot girl on Instagram. I want to inspire and bring joy wherever I can.”

About me… I always bring an energy level of one hundred and ten percent to everything I do, and as a Leo, I’m the centre of any room. I also have a sweet and compassionate side and love spending time with my family. Breaking into the modelling industry and coming from a conservative Catholic family was a tough internal conflict at first, but now I’m more comfortable with it. My family embraced and celebrated who I was every step of the way, and I am very grateful for them. I still hold strong to my faith and the roots I came from. A lot of people don’t know this but I grew up on a farm, and actually jam out to country music in my car quite often. I love spending my free time at the gym or dancing and being my silly self. I am a huge fitness and health junkie, and love incorporating that positive energy into my life.

Turn-ons… I definitely adore a man who can be goofy and silly, and is not afraid to keep me laughing. It’s so attractive to me when a man values his health and puts in an effort of taking care of himself. I’m also a huge fan of someone who has family values. If his mom is his best friend, he will be sure to melt my heart. Someone who will love to do anything active with me and is open to adventures is sure to win me over as well.

Turn-offs… Someone who is judgmental, and is not open-minded and willing to learn. Someone who is unoriginal and tries to follow trends. I like someone who is different and is not afraid to be true to themselves.

Best date: I had met a lovely gentleman while I was out on the town with my girlfriends. We had a short conversation where he did not get my number. He remembered what agency I said I worked for and called in and sent flowers to me. I arrived to work and to my surprise, there was a romantic bouquet of flowers awaiting me. The card had his number and his description with a text saying that he had not stopped thinking about me since we met. I sent him a picture of me with the flowers. He took me to the Dallas Museum of art to a Dior fashion show. We finished off the date having dinner in Klyde warren park, hands down the most impressive date I’ve been on, and most romantic way a guy had ever gotten my number.

Why Playboy? Playboy is such an iconic magazine, their pages have been graced with powerful women who embrace their sexuality. There’s something about Playboy that makes it feel feminine to be sexy. As if its women feeling hot for themselves, not for the desire of men. It also feels amazing to be part of a sexual revolution that has been going on for years, and surreal to be in the same magazine that started with Marilyn Monroe as their first cover model. To me, she revolutionised the industry and made it possible for women to embrace their sexuality.

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