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The American Mermaid


with Playboy New Zealand March Cover Emily Guglielmo.

Photographer: Michael Stycket 

Tell us a little about yourself? I am Puerto Rican, Italian, English, Polish – I am 4’11” and I am known globally as The American Mermaid. I created my own cosmetics brand in 2018 called Emily Alexandra Cosmetics. I also started a non-profit named SupportingWater.org – For every purchase from Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, a portion goes to SupportingWater.org!

What do you enjoy most about what you do? I get to make my own schedule. I have the beauty to create my own visions & ideas on my own terms!

What is the greatest life achievement thus far? An amazing achievement for me in being in The Guinness Book of World Records 2019! Check me out with “The Most Divers Underwater Clean-up” – I was The American Mermaid at the event. I am in the photo in the book!

What would you say is your best feature? Well… I’ve been told it’s my ass… however, I would also say, my breasts and curves.

What makes you feel sexy? I feel my sexiest when I’m on stage, in a sexy bikini and 7inch heels.

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modelling? Reach out to published photographers on Instagram, ask them to shoot, then have them publish you! Anyone can model and get into it quickly – You just have to want it and have the passion.

Favourite shoot location? My favourite shoot location is the Bahamas.

Do you prefer kissing or cuddling? Cuddling.

What are you really good at? Spinning, cycling and swimming. 

What is one thing people may be surprised to find out about you? For a very petite chick, I am able to belch very loud!

Do you have a catchphrase? “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” 

Be sure to follow Emily on Instagram @EmilyGuglielmo for all her latest news and content updates!


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