Take It Outside: The Best Spots for Having Sex in Public

Written by Bobby Box

Doing the deed in public where you face the chance of getting caught has always inexplicably remained a sexy and popular pastime. According to a sizable survey by medical website Dr. Ed, the hottest environments for public fornication are a public park, field, forest or garden for more than one-quarter of the sample. These grassy settings were followed by a car, a beach, a public bathroom and a movie theatre.

Adding some extra excitement (the idea of being watched or performing for a crowd) to an already exciting activity (sex) is obviously an alluring prospect, but it’s also illegal. So, if you’re looking to get it on outside the confines of home and don’t want to spend the remainder of the evening behind bars, it would be wise to consider some prevention strategies before you commit to the act.

Before we get to said strategies, perhaps we should first breach whether public sex is a good idea to begin with? Despite the illegality of the matter, experts say yes. “Public sex can be a fun, healthy part of a sexual relationship,” Katy Zloverin, certified sexologist and director of public relations at adameve.com, tells Playboy. “It’s important that both partners first agree to engage in the activity and that potential viewers aren’t seeing any action they didn’t sign up for.”

Zvolerin attests the best settings for public sex tend to be more isolated, like a beach, forest or meadow (which is perfect, as we’ve established these are the most lusted after locales anyway). But if you’d rather stay closer to home, Zloverin suggests you first try things out in your backyard (“provided you’re free from neighbors’ prying eyes”) or in your car in the driveway.

“Oftentimes, one partner is much more into public sex than the other,” Zvolerin decrees. According to research, more often than not, the apprehensive partner is female. A survey found 56 percent of men are turned on by public sex compared to 44 percent of women, a result likely due to gender stereotypes—male virility is encouraged while women are slut-shamed.

If you’re new to this whole thing, start modestly and increase the risk factor only when you’re both comfortable.

This means your primary responsibility is to ensure your partner is comfortable with the idea. “For the less enthused—or more nervous—partner, I’d recommend keeping as many clothes on as possible or having a blanket nearby,” Zvolerin suggests.

Couples should start safely, engaging in low-key activities first, like, say, a hand job in a car or in a near-empty movie theater, or even making out in a store dressing room. From there, based on the level of excitement, you can decide whether you two want to take this buzzing energy home, or to more risky locations.

“Hotel balconies, as well as their panoramic windows, can make for great public sex locations,” Zvolerin adds. “Many bars and nightclubs look the other way when couples go to the restroom together, and golf courses at night are notorious for sexual escapades. If one partner has an office (with a locking door, of course), an afternoon or after-hours visit can be a game changer.”

Another thing to consider is when you do the deed. Obviously, darkness offers more privacy than if you were to drop your drawers in the light of day, so you’re better off experimenting once the sun goes down. Also, before leaving home, ditch your underwear completely and wear an outfit that allows for easy access, so the two of you can hop right to it without fumbling over buckles and clingy fabrics. She can wear a dress or skirt, and you can wear something with an elastic waistband, so you don’t need to unbelt.

You should wear more neutral colors as well. Ones that are less conspicuous, like black, navy, beige, brown, you get it. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to dress like you’re about to rob a bank, but be inconspicuous, it’ll help you lay low. Now, if you do get caught, it’s smart to have a ready-made and mutual excuse. Of course, your excuse will depend on where and when you’re having sex, and people (or the authorities) still probably won’t believe you, but having an agreed-upon alibi isn’t the worst idea, now is it?

While it’s difficult to deny that public sex is hotter when it’s spontaneous, it’s definitely in your best interest to plan ahead. So, remember: wear easily removable and neutral garments sans underwear, choose an isolated location without passersby, and if you’re new to this whole thing, start modestly and increase the risk-factor only when you’re both comfortable. Got it? Good. Now go have some fun.