In a new Jimmy Choo ad, Cara Delevingne walks through New York City at night in a sparkling red minidress and a pair of $1895 boots. As she passes a man sitting on a stoop, he wolf-whistles, but he’s not cat-calling her—he just wants to compliment her shoes. Watch the full video, called “Shimmer in the Dark,” here:

The concept of the ad: the 25-year-old actress and model is headed to a club called IWANTCHOO, but she told People she doesn’t really have a favorite NYC hot spot. “I just like being on the streets in New York, because the energy is so amazing. You can see so many amazing things and meet so many amazing people.” She has been sharing images from the campaign on Instagram, including a few behind-the-scenes shots:

The Jimmy Choo website has an interview with Delevingne about the campaign, and she says, “I really love to dress up—and I’m not just talking about looking nice. I do like to put on a crazy outfit and be an elf or a reindeer. Or even if I just wear a nice sparkly dress with a red nose, it’s something different and quirky—it’s never just a normal party outfit.”

She’s also comfortable in androgynous designs. She says, “Being male or female is less ‘opposite’ now than it ever has been. I don’t think mastering androgyny is necessarily about picking something that a man would wear. I think it’s about feeling relaxed whether it’s masculine or feminine.”

Despite how much success she has experienced, Delevingne recently told The Editmagazine that she still struggles with low self-esteem at times, and that it helps to surround herself with good people. In the past, she has dated fellow celebrities Michelle Rodriguez and St. Vincent, but she told The Edit she has been single for over a year. “I was always in love with my best friends, the person I would call if something was wrong, the person that I talked to about everything. But when someone gets too close, I get scared: ‘Oh, you can’t handle it, I’m too crazy.’ I know it sounds really stupid, but I relied too much on love, too much on other people to make me happy, and I needed to learn to be happy by myself. So now I can be by myself, I can be happy. It took me a long time.”

Delevingne’s upcoming roles include the 2018 movie Life in a Year, for which she shaved her head to play a dying woman, and Amazon’s futuristic fantasy series Carnival Row, which is expected to premiere in 2019.