October 1967 Reagan Wilson Brings the Sunshine

By Ron Vogel

From the pool to the patio, Reagan Wilson brought her sunny disposition and Southern California roots (she attended school in Santa Monica until the third grade when she moved to Montana) to her October 1967 Playboy shoot. Hobbies naturally included body surfing in Malibu and dancing all night at L.A. hot spots. While her interests may have changed over the years, Wilson’s sentiments about posing haven’t.

When recently asked “why posing nude is the ultimate liberty,” she had this to say: “I went on to become a fashion model in New York and Europe; the confidence I gained being a Playmate helped me in doing high-end photography. I just came back from a wonderful trip to Italy and in visiting the amazing museums there…[seeing] Bernini’s sculptures of gods and goddess made me realize they are the first Playmates! The ancient Greeks and Romans saw the beauty and grace in the human form.”