Glamour announced this week that supermodel Gigi Hadid is one of the magazine’s 2017 Women of the Year—which makes total sense. Hadid has a massively successful modeling career, she co-designs a clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger, and she recently partnered with Maybelline on a makeup collection. Glamour commends Hadid for speaking out on everything from gun control to human rights, and quotes her as saying, “I want to be the person who always uses my platform to share what I’m passionate about.”

Yeah, yeah, we all know Gigi’s awesome. Let’s get to the weird part. Yesterday, Glamourshared a new YouTube video entitled “Gigi Hadid Stares at You for 4 Minutes,” and that’s all it is. Hadid sits in front of a white wall and looks straight into the camera for four minutes straight. They’ve added some soft instrumental music, but there’s no talking, and nothing happens, aside from the occasional blink. Watch it here:

So far, the YouTube commenters seem confused, asking questions like “What is this supposed to be?” and (my personal favorite) “Wat it means?” But the randomness of it all—and the fact that Hadid was a willing participant—is exactly what makes it so wonderful. In a post about the video, Glamour describes Hadid as a “staring champ,” but the video doesn’t feel like a staring contest. There are blinks, after all. I watched the whole thing, and to me, it felt more like a meditation. For four whole minutes, I forgot about everything that’s going wrong in the world, and just sat quietly, looking deeply into Hadid’s eyes. I’ve got to admit, it was kinda nice. I may not understand why this video exists, but I’m glad it does.