The legacy of my father is straightforward for those who are not uncomfortable stepping outside of traditional sexual and social norms. Understanding him starts by admitting to oneself that objectification is a defining, healthy part of sexual arousal for both men and women. My dad spent much of his life fighting for his and others’ right to choose the life they want to live. His activism in the civil rights arena with LGBTQ, and in the health-care space, all link to his philosophy on healthily celebrating sex. In his mind, the individual’s ability to make a personal choice around these issues represented and continues to represent the fight for liberation. These values make up the core of his six-and-a-half-decade career. Thank you for the immense amount of beautiful and supportive letters and notes to my family and me during this time. And to you, we will love and miss you forever and you will be remembered as a freedom fighter who, time after time, chose words over weapons.