Do It Like They Do on the Discovery Channel: A Cartoon Set by Dedini

By Eldon Dedini

From Disney animator to Playboy cartoonist, Eldon Dedini has established himself as one of the masters of American cartooning. Having contributed more than 1,200 cartoons to Playboy magazine starting in 1959, Dedini often illustrated buxom babes in compromising scenes and a whole lotta woodland nymphs and satyrs. Unlike what we normally see from Dedini, here he depicts our favorite zoo animals getting down and dirty in the rawest form of animal instinct.

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    “I love the way your bell keeps accompaniment.”

    “When I was younger, I always worried where the tail went.”

    “Some days you could take on the whole herd.”

    “And just a minute ago we were playing footsie.”

    “I was just thinking—our licenses are up for renewal.”

    “Beautiful, beautiful—oh God, this is beautiful!”